World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal

Official Blizzard announcement

he news we have been waiting for is finally here! Blizzard revealed the future of the games with the post above, giving us the date of announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion. The time between announcement and release for expansions is usually around 9–12 months, so we roughly know when to expect the release date too.

Patch 9.2 of Shadowlands launched on February 22nd, and took us to the forbidden realms of the First Ones, Zereth Mortis. This zone added unique and fun things to the game, such as little puzzles and a system to craft your own mounts & pets. But while this has been a good change with the direction of the Shadowlands, fans still want to return to Azeroth in the future. It is highly possible that this is the last major patch that we will have in the Shadowlands, and the announcement of the new expansion reveal may take us back to Azeroth! And this time, we will be able to enjoy the content cross-faction, which will be coming in patch 9.2.5.

Official art of patch 9.2, Eternity’s End

There have been many leaks recently about the possible expansion, suggesting that it will be about returning to Azeroth, with Dragon Isles or even the Old Gods. As always, it will be very fun to compare the official expansion announcement and logo to the leaked ones, and see who made a close guess. Either way, I am sure Blizzard will surprise us with the new expansion news!

Official World of Warcraft art, from Battle for Azeroth

Here are some of the things that are on the wishlist of the fans for the next World of Warcraft expansion:

  • Returning to Azeroth and rebuilding
  • Updated armor and mount models
  • Player and guild housing
  • More character customization
  • New class & race combos
  • More heritage armors

Let me know in the comments what you hope to see in the new expansion. I hope to see you soon with more news and thoughts on video games, and wish you all short loading screens!



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